Museum Future Brighter with Your Help

Earlier this month, The Telephone Museum’s annual appeal from President Martin Harriss went out by mail. We share most of the text of the letter below (Full Letter PDF). 

Friends and Supporters of The Telephone Museum:

I hope that 2023 is bringing you good health and happiness. As I write this our 2023 season is in full swing. So far we’ve had a steady stream of visitors who have been delighted to learn about the history of telephone technology and hear stories of how it all came to be. If you have not yet been able to visit the museum this year, I hope you’ll make plans to visit before the museum closes at the end of September.

We’re excited to be starting the planning for a number of projects to help to ensure the long-term sustainability of the museum and its unique exhibits. One important project is to mitigate the inexorable flow of rainwater that makes its way down the Winkumpaugh Road and the museum driveway, threatening to infiltrate the main barn building. This project will ensure that future visitors to the museum are able to experience the fascinating history of the telephone and see firsthand how this vital communication system operated.

None of this work comes for free, of course, so this is the time of year for me to ask you to help us preserve and tell the story of this remarkable technology. Your donation will allow us to protect and maintain the museum and its exhibits and allow us to demonstrate to future generations how we got from Alexander Graham Bell’s first telephone to today’s world of cell phones and the almost instant communication they bring.

Please give as generously as you can to help with these new projects and to keep our switches and networks up and running! We are immensely grateful for your ongoing interest and support.

GIVE ONLINE or mail in the APPEAL CARD with your check.


Martin Harriss

President, The New England Museum of Telephony, Inc.

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